Stable infrastructure
in an unstable world

The internet was a place for creativity, collaboration and openness, but advertising, data collection and centralisation has led users to choose between who to give their data to not whether they want to give it at all. The idea of being in controll of your data and the systems that contain them has been forgotten.

We believe the internet is a place for creativity, collaboration and openness. We believe that taking back control of the tools we use give us the confidence to express ourselves without worry.

Data is nothing without the tools that contain them, and if it’s your data, it should be your tool.

This is why we have qore: because your data should be yours.

It should really go without saying, but

Your data is yours.
Yours only.
We want to share some of ours.

Our projects are an extension on our philosophy. Whether it is code. music or art, we always want to focus on open and free culture. We collect all our efforts and we unify them under one name, being qore.

This is why we release our work under open and permissive licenses which promote open culture and collaboration.

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